Why Is Drake Graham Important

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Rylee Russin
Mrs. Binion
LA11, Period 1
October 2, 2017 Drake, or Aubrey Drake Graham, is easily one of the most important and influential outliers in our modern day society of music. He has a very famous song called “Started From the Bottom”, in which he states how he started from the bottom and now “he’s here” at the top. Not only does he state that the rose to the top, but he brought his family and people important in his life with him. Drake starts on the streets of Canada and goes from “0 to 100” real quick, as he also says in another one of his songs. Many close relationships and important moments throughout Drake's life have been influential to his career and the life he has created for himself. Unlike most modern day artists, Aubrey Drake Graham was not born into fame, or …show more content…

He had his first hit without anyone, not a single record label backing him up. “The buzz was confirmed by the radio phenomenon of "Best I Ever Had," a soft rock-sampling mixtape track that hit #1 on numerous charts without major label support or even a record deal in place” (Fader). Shortly after his first hit went platinum, Drake started his own record label proving once again he can make it on his own. “OVO Sound” was shortly formed and the bigger it grew so did Drake's name. Drake stated, "obviously, I won't be able to be in the building every day but I am extremely dedicated to it. I do take it very seriously as a new job and a new chapter in my life." His dedication to his new label and his music helped show the industry how serious and not only how bad he wanted success, but needed it. Drake decided to make a name for himself, his music, and his family and it felt like there was nothing getting in the way of that now. By 2014 OVO Sound had released six albums, two of which certified platinum or higher by the Recording Industry Association of America. After that point he was pretty well known in the music industry but not for much

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