Will Smith's Rapping Career

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Throughout the 1980s, many talented people had been recognized and many more were to be recognized. Therefore, another piece of talent came along. Before becoming famous this young adult was seen as a good student with a charming personality. His quick tongue got him out of trouble and being seen as the type of guy he was, he then earned the nickname ¨Prince¨ (www.biography.com). This wonderful piece of talent was Will Smith. Smith was a young teen when he recognized his very first talent. Rapping, was this talent of recognition. Overall, as Smith began to get older as young teen, he was fairly recognized for his rapping career, acting career, and becoming a producer of film.

Nevertheless, at 12 years of age, Will Smith began rapping. …show more content…

Overbook Entertainment was based in Culver City, California where the company produced television shows, films, and music. Will Smith founded this company to find more roles in films and to serve as a producer. Overbook Entertainment had invested in 4 different companies investing around 1.0- 7.5 million dollars. In 2013, they invested 1.4 million dollars into Loom Company along with 5 other investors. Overbook Entertainment then went and invested 2.1 million dollars into BlackJet Company along with 32 other investors. Then in 2009, Overbook Entertainment and 2 other companies invested 7.5 million dollars into JibJab Company. Lastly, the company invested 2 million dollars into a family entertainment website named PluggedIn (www.cleverism.com). Will Smith had accomplished much for him, but also came back and was apart of helping others.

Coming to end, Will Smith a.k.a Fresh Prince, achieved much in life very proudly. Being able to have an successful rapping career, along with a successful acting career, and able being able to be his own producer was something Smith did not give up on. Smith was a celebrity at a young teen age, and still was able to overcome tricky obstacles. Rapping, Acting, and Producing were things Will Smith happily achieved and went farther and farther into his jobs and made people believe and recognize ¨Big Willie Style¨

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