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How Does Rap Music Effect Teenagers? “Without music life, would be a mistake”- Friedrich Nietzsche Music has always plays an important role in our society and it is a part of our life as we grow up. Music is something that is totally subjective, different people has different taste of music and each type of music can have a different impact on the one listening to it. Some music can makes you feel relaxing, some makes you feel excited and some may even makes you feel depress or sad after listening to it. Music has the power to affect teenager or youth so parents have always been worried about the music teenagers listen to and the negative effects on teens, rap and heavy metal music are considered to be the form of music that have negative …show more content…

Most people have a negative view about rap music because a lot of rap music is about drugs, sex, alcohol, so on and so on. However, that is just parts of rap music there is a positive side to rap music. It is a misconception that rap music is totally negative, there are some artists that write lyrics with uplifting message to encourage their listeners. There are more and more Christian rap artist the focus on rapping positive message, and they keep their lyrics clean. The positive side of rap music has been underestimated, and rap music can actually benefit teenagers and even benefit the whole society. Rap music gives people a chance to freely express their feelings and express whatever they cannot express through behavior. Allen (2014) states that rap can actually help teenager understand more about language and how to use it so that it is the most effective. Rap lyrics word of choice and sentence structure is very poetic; also rappers will use techniques such as metaphor, simile and rhyming. Some rap lyrics are very subjective so it can help teenagers that listen to it build their critical thinking skills, it gives them a chance to think about whether or not they agree with what the lyric

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