Baby Its Cold Outside Analysis

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Spend Time with the People who Love you
What is your favorite winter song? What does the song try to tell you? The song Baby its Cold Outside is an amazing song in which the writer does an outstanding job describing how lovers want to spend as much time together as they can during the winter. The writer of the song uses several literary devices to portray their theme. The theme may change for another person depending on their opinion. The theme is what you think the song is trying to say, its message. For example, the writer of Baby its Cold Outside, whom is unknown, uses dialogue, metaphors, imagery, tone, similes, setting, understatement and repetitions. Other songs have different devices and a different theme.
Throughout the entire song there is dialogue of a woman and a man talking; the woman saying she should go and the man trying to persuade her to stay. For example, when she says “I really can’t stay” and he answers “But baby its cold outside” (1:1). Then later, she says “Say lend me a coat” to which he says “It’s up to your knees out there” (7:2). Here he is trying to convince her she should not leave. Then later, once again, she says “There’s bound to be talk tomorrow” and he says “Think of my lifelong sorrow” …show more content…

For example, when she says “The neighbors might think” and he replies “Baby its bad out there” (3:1). Here the composer uses dialogue and tone. While she is telling him it is for the best for her to go, he is telling her the opposite. If she leaves something harmful might happen to her. Once again when she says “I’ve got to get home” to which he replies “Baby you’ll freeze out there” (7:1). Again he is trying to warn her of the dangers of leaving. Then later, he says “How can you do this thing to me… At least there will be plenty implied if you caught pneumonia and died” (7:4, 8:2). Here he is trying to scare her and make her feel guilty about

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