Bad And Fourth: A Literacy Narrative Analysis

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The Good, the Bad, and the Back and Fourth: A literacy Narrative Her beady eyes challenged me from behind her wire-rimmed glasses, “I guess you just need to work on turning in homework.” This was the final straw. English was doomed to be my least favorite subject. At this time though I didn’t know I liked writing and reading, so I just got by. I understood its importance, but I knew there was only one pursuit in the world: STEM. Science, math, engineering, and technology were pushed onto us in middle school from day one. Is it the fastest growing career field? It is most certainly. Is it the most secure career field? Statistics show just that. Is it for everyone? My teachers believed that it was with a fervor. Even I was convinced and truly …show more content…

Her name was Ms. Rotante. She was a small, thin woman with thin eyes, thin lips, a thin nose, and thick black curls to hide it all behind. She was in her mid-30s, and very young to have so much hatred in her life. This she shared freely with the class, along with her other inspired wisdom. “I just don’t understand why communism is so bad,” she probed the class. “You think you have it so bad? At least you don’t have to eat rocks like the kids in Africa!” she would impart us. I did pity her at first. She was unanimously despised by all, but I changed my tune as soon as I got back my first paper. It wasn’t destroyed by red ink or defaced by notes. A single letter would summarize my future in the class. I received Cs, Ds, and Fs, and had to rewrite almost every paper. I would make the project detailed and developed, but I didn’t follow the vague rubric. I’d make the rubric my bible, but still no change. I always turned in homework, though. So when she sat us down in the hall at the end of the year to discuss our EOG scores and what she thought we should try to improve upon in the coming years. She struggled to find a reason why all year I struggled to keep up my grade but scored a near perfect on my EOG. Her excuse was homework. Homework! There was no way that 10 points here and there could so drastically influence my

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