Bad Decisions In The Story Of Oedipus The King

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In life, we all face obstacles that often help shape the person that we are today. We are the masters of our own lives, and the decisions that we make not only have an impact on our own life, but the lives of those around us too. Each and every choice that we make will either have a positive outcome, or a negative one. In the story of Oedipus, one bad decision leads to his own downfall; and affects those in his life in a negative manner. Irony is a major idea that is portrayed through this story, where a plan that was meant to be avoided, instead took its course. Due to Oedipus being oblivious to his life story and his surroundings, his downfall could have perhaps been avoided in the end. This just shows how one wrong choice can bring a life filled with pain and misfortune. Oedipus was a very well-liked and admired individual; who was unfortunately never meant to live. After being born, his mother was warned that he could one day grow up to kill his own father; and at that moment it was decided that Oedipus needed to face death in order to prevent such an awful thing from taking place. Oedipus is then taken away by a shepherd, but he is not left in the woods to wither away, but instead passed down to a family in need of a child. As …show more content…

Oedipus came home one day to find her lifeless, so he then took the pins out of her dress to gouge out his own eyes. He afflicted the pain that he believed that he had deserved amongst himself. He wanted the world and the people of Thebes to know who he really was; the murderer of their king. In the end, there was nothing left in Thebes for Oedipus, nor for his children, so they left the city. His children will never be able to live the wonderful lives that he had envisioned for them. They would never be able to attend any festival or gathering, and would have to deal with the mistakes of their foolish father for the rest of their

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