Baldridge Criteria For The Homeland Security Assessment Team

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As a member of the Homeland Security Assessment Team for our organization, we will attempt to build a program that will allow us to meet the goals of our business plan as well as the needs of our Homeland Security Assessment that we will create from the results of our evaluation of our organization (Fisher, 2004). We will utilize the Baldridge Criteria to combine our two-goal seeking areas of our business plan as well as our Homeland Security Assessment goals that we are identified at the conclusion of our Homeland Security Assessment. When we do our Baldridge Criteria measurements of our organization we will be able to determine the areas of our organization that we are already protected from weaknesses and vulnerabilities; and will be able …show more content…

The first area of the worksheets for human resources shows us that there are 35 possible points that the organization can score for Work Systems, then the next area, Employee Learning, and Motivation is worth 25 possible points, and with the last area, Employee Well-Being and Satisfaction being worth 25 possible points. The team will be able to look at each of these areas of the human resource department to determine their business and homeland security readiness. Each of these three areas will also allow for the Assessment Team to look at the evidence produced from the evaluation of the department to set out goals that should be met by the department to increase their compliance with concerns of the Homeland Security Plan (Newmann, …show more content…

This stage of the worksheets looks at the areas of Customer-Focused Results for 75 points, Product and Service Results for 75 points, Financial and Market Results for 75 points, Human Resources Results in 75 points, Organizational Effectiveness Results for 75 points, And Governance and Social Responsibility Results for 75 points. This evaluation of the worksheets allows the team to determine how they can create changes to the organization to meet the needs of the Homeland Security Assessment, and reduce the influence of the assessment environmental changes to the customer and other stakeholders to the point that it will make the business approach of the origination unattractive to these areas (Birkland,

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