Bang By Sharon Flake Quotes

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In today’s world how hard is it to be a young black male when everyone’s expect you to fail? Being a black male in this world is very hard because everywhere you go somebody always judging you or always got something to say. When you’re a black male everywhere you go you have to have manners because if you do one little thing that somebody don’t like they will start judging you. People determine who they think we are often times based on what they see. Our status more time than nut, is defined by what we look like, how we dress and where we come from. As a matter of fact, status presents itself in everything you do and everywhere you go. Especially in the novel “Bang” by Sharon Flake. In this novel, status is a very important part of moon life. Additionally, man lost his brother over something that had nothing to do with his little brother and after that day his dad start acting different. Then when his dad start acting like that he start not caring about school and he start smoking doing bad stuff not caring about his life no more. When your parents don’t care about like that when you starting not caring for life no more because you feel that you don’t have nobody on your side no more. Not only does status play a role in Sharon Flake’s novel, it plays a role in my life as well. …show more content…

I have been judged in my life many of times because I’m a young men when you go places always got something to say. Additionally, every time me and my little brother go places people always look at us wrong and then this man said why is yall even here and my mom cussed him out. But, the only reason the man said some because my little brother was asking my mom a lot of questions and she told him he couldn’t do nothing. As well as personally being categorized, status continues a play a role in the larger

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