Bardolinos Family Analysis

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After talking about the Bardolinos family let now talk about the other others families mention in this text the Tamalson’s, the Rivera’s and the Kwan’s.
With the tamalsons families we understand how families instability financially affect the choice of their neighborhood not only that but has an urge impact on the children as well. The places where they live are not safe children because they are expose to drug. The school academic performance is not good as well. Also we some gender inequality. With those sentences from George if you are black men in this country you don’t have a chance, which is all not a chance. It is like no matter how hard you try you are nothing but a trash. I have been looking for work for over two years now and there is nothing. The last but not the least is a violent death because the neighborhoods usually calls for such scene, people get involved in drugs or stealing or even prostitution and out of that die painful and violent death. In some those are problems that face poor families.
With the Rivera’s families, we see how poverty can sometime affect your believe this is a catholic family …show more content…

Life has not been fair to the working class people of America, no matter what their color or ethnic background. Also it is working class families who feel the fluctuations in the economy most quickly and more keenly. Prejudice and discrimination and institutionalized racism have barred minorities from full participation in the society.
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1. Inequality exist in America even though people don’t really talk about, working class family always suffer in this kind of economy.
2. Stratification has a urge impact on minorities.
3. After reading this I realize how the America myth of you work hard you can make it in this country as an immigrant I realize that I may work hard but gender inequality can be an obstacle on my way of becoming a successful

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