Base Titration Lab

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This lab consisted of determining whether a certain liquid was an acid or base and experimenting with the pH of various substances when either acid or base was added to them. The lab was executed by using two different types of indicators as well as a titration in the end. The first indicator used was litmus paper. Through litmus paper, it is possible to decide whether a liquid is an acid or a base. By placing one slip of red litmus paper by one slip of blue litmus paper and dropping beads of the liquid on each, determining whether the liquid was a base or an acid was possible. If the red piece of paper stayed red and the blue piece of paper turned red, it was safe to say that the liquid was an acid. If the slips of litmus paper turned blue, …show more content…

The titrations were all a bit different and that was because they all contained different liquids. The first titration, acid into water, showed a noticeable drop in ph after approximately 5.5 mL of acid was added and was consisted in showing low numbers. This determined that the first hypothesis, stating that the pH would go up when acid was added into water, was false. Dissimilarly to the second titration, base into water, the pH showed a noticeable increase after around 10 mL of base was added and once again, remained consistently high in pH. The third titration, acid into liver homogenate, the pH decreased a bit at 8 mL of acid, but remained fairly consistent at 12 mL. The fourth titration, base into liver homogenate, opposite to the the previous graph, increased in pH slightly at 20 mL, but once again, stayed consistent from then on out. The fifth titration, acid into buffer #4, had no great change, but the pH dropped slightly, but remained at around a pH of 4 for the rest of titration. The sixth and final titration, base into buffer #4, had a similar reaction to the previous titration except for the fact that the pH increased slightly at around 15 ml of base and remained the same pH for the rest of the titration. When comparing the reaction of acid/base into liver homogenate to acid/base into water and acid/liver into buffer #4, the reaction seemed to coincide a bit more with the reactions of the buffer. Although the pH increased/decreased in

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