Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother Essay

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In “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” which is a memoir written by Amy Chua discusses the philosophical idea of two parenting strategies. These parenting tactics include both Western and Eastern parents. Each of these techniques provides an impact to children who are raised in each of these environments. Except between these two areas Eastern parenting plays a better impact because it’s preparing their kids for the real world by adding so much difficulties and stress in their kid’s life’s. Eastern parents are known to be as parents from Asia who immigrate from where they are so their kids can have the life their parents only dreamed of. This is known to be as parents sacrificing everything and moving to the U.S. and sort of starting their…show more content…
First counterpart she conveys is (1) having a higher knowledge and (2) their kids only taking what they can take(Text 5, Chapter 2 , Page 7). Which makes sense because if kids take part in these hard classes the parents feel as if their job is complete since these kids are following their parents commands. But sometimes there are situations where kids can’t deal with all the stress so they take an action which is completely sad and unacceptable. This topic is known to be as suicide it’s where a person does something that eventually ends their life. Between western and Asian kids; Chinese kids tend to have a higher rate of committing suicide because of all the amounts of hell they need to deal with from their home life but social life as well. Most women in their mid-teenage ages commit this act (Text 1, line 3). Asian parents should honestly realize that their kids can only do as much as they are capable of doing because if you pressurized them instead of doing well they will do badly which will make them face a whole ton of unwanted health issues. Amy sort of shows some western values for kids in the suicide aspect. For instance she states “I wanted Sophia to do her best but not overkill herself”. This
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