Bean Beetle Lab Report

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Introduction The bean beetle also known as the Callosobruchus maculatus, is an agricultural pest insect from Africa and Asia. That can be found throughout the tropical and subtropical regions. The lifecycle of a bean beetles is quite short an adult been beetle lays their eggs on the external surface of a bean. The larva hatches from the egg burrows from the egg through the seed coat and into the bean endosperm without moving outside the protection of the egg. When it comes to mating both virgin and non-virgin beetles will mate readily. Some males may not produce fully formed spermatophores until twenty-four hours after emergence, then females may not mate for several hours after a previous mating. For experiment one we hypothesized that The …show more content…

This graph shows that each ratio of beetles had a different mating time so there was no significant difference in the time of the mating ratio beetles. Discussion In experiment our hypothesis stated that the female beetle would lay more eggs on the northern bean because the northern bean looks and feels like the original beans the beetles came from. The original bean which is the black eye peas is where the beetles grew up on for many generations so they are successful and familiar with supported that the beetles would lay majority of their eggs on the Northern beans because the northern beans are close to what the bean beetles originated from, but as we analyzed the data it also showed that the bean beetled laid most of their beans on the Navy beans as well. In the second experiment our hypothesis stated that when the number of males placed in a dish are increased with a (sustained) amount of one female beetle, the time span of the mating process will decrease because the female will have of an option. This hypothesis was not supported because with the trials we preformed the results showed that the different ratio of dishes had a different time span of which they

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