Beatty And Criticism In Shakespeare's Fahrenheit 451

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Beatty is the antagonist in the book fahrenheit 451. Or so it seems, he is shown as the person who wants to stay in power by persuading people to stay on his side. However all he is doing is promoting his views on people who go against the progression of society. It is stated that people phased out books and certain knowledge because they wanted to live in a culture where their in no worries and contradictory statements. If you 've read the book you know the beatty tries multiple times to try and get montag to forget about the books and even went as far as ignoring fire calls on him. He is justified in promoting his values because people would not be able to get along together in this society. This is all related to the red scare and mccarthyism. The fear of people who are different, more specifically the societal view that beatty has. And it ok to think this because it is a natural human behavior. Beatty is justified in promoting his values because he knows what is better for the people. One example of him promoting his values is the speech…show more content…
Beatty is not wrong in making montag burn his own house and arresting him because it was his “mess” his “cleanup”. Montag broke the law multiple times and tried to change society and made people afraid. He was also justified in taking montages earpiece so he could track down faber so they could stop illegal activities. This relates to mccarthyism because the us government did these same things to stop the spread of communism. The us was full of spies that leaked information and it makes sense why Beatty would want to stop Faber. Historians at the history channel state that the government use the hollywood ten as a example of communism spreading in America. They were unwilling to testify and were thrown in prison. There was no evidence that they were communist but it was the job of the Un-American activities committee to look into it like it is Beatty 's job to stop the spread of ideas from books and to look into possible

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