Beauty Products In The History Of Egypt

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Beauty products are not only popular right now in America, they were also popular in the history of Egypt. Egypt was very popular for their beauty products and fashion. They were very important to them and were used to show who had power and who did not. A lot of the time Egyptians used beauty products to discrete people. They use to separate the poor from the wealthy by using make up and clothing items. Hygiene products were used for beauty such as, soaps, fragrances, and body oils were not only there to make people seem better, but were there to protect them as well. In the History of Egypt, some important beauty products included makeup, clothing, different hygiene products, and color which played a very important part in everything. Egyptian history involved many important things, such as makeup. Makeup in Egyptian history was very important because of what it could show and do. Makeup was used to separate the wealthy from the poor. Women used makeup to show off themselves, and men used to show off power. Egyptians use all sorts of different makeup products to show off how wealthy they were or the amount of power that they had. Henna was used to separate the poor from the wealthy. Henna was used as a lipstick and as a nail polish. “The henna not only decorated the nails of these members of royalty, but conditioned them as well” (Egyptian Clothing). When you were royal you were suppose to paint your nails with henna to show that you were royal. Men and women also
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