Cherokee Vs. Egyptians: The Spiritual Values Of Native Americans

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Cherokee vs. Egyptians
As we look at two different cultures such as Cherokee and Egyptians we can clearly see that there’s many differences between the two. For starters the Cherokee were a more tribal based culture while Egyptians were more empire based. But what does it mean to be tribal and empyreal? It all starts with their structure of religion style, power, and values. The Cherokee set up their power completely opposite of the Egyptians. In the reading titled The Spiritual Values of Native Americans Joseph Brown states that The Cherokee thought of their tribe as a family, they always worked together as a team and everyone had a job. For example, the men are assigned to do the hunting and the women were assigned to harvesting and gathering …show more content…

Their power or structure of rule was mainly run by men. This was shown in their gender roles. Only men could be Pharaohs and in most of their paintings woman are behind the pharaohs or the males. This shows that they do not value woman as highly as men and women were more of a decoration. Unlike the Cherokee that worked together as a unit the Egyptians did not have a cyclical based culture. Their culture was more like a triangle. They’re rule came from the Pharaohs and all his wealth came from the smaller poorer people at the bottom who were forced to pay up to him. Everyone in their community did not share the work. Their wealth was funneled from the poor to the …show more content…

Tribal cultures also focus their values around reproduction and food. They value women who can procreate and who can provide food. Everyone in a tribal culture is valued and has a duty to uphold for the greater good of everyone. In contrast an Empire culture is more focused on the flow of wealth to a king, pharaoh, or a person with power. They usually focus their values around food but are not interested in everyone getting fed; they are only interested in feeding the main power source. They don’t value women they value men and believe that men are better than women. Not everyone in an empire has a duty, only those who are poorer and work for the pharaoh. Only the Pharaoh is valued and everyone has a duty to uphold for the greater good of the

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