Before Memory Fades Summary

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Before Memory Fades... Fali S. Nariman Shri Fali S. Nariman is a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India and is one of the most distinguished Constitutional lawyers in the Indian sub-continent. He has argued several leading cases. It would probably still be an understatement to say his birth and his entire life is an immense inspiration to young lawyers and people in general. ‘Before Memory Fades...’ is the name of the autobiography of Fali S. Nariman. The name of book itself can leave the reader very touched. The addition of some personal and professional photos of Shri Nariman in the book engages the reader and makes the reader feel closer to the life of Fali. I would only be doing injustice to the book by even attempting to deduce the life-long experience of an icon into just a few pages. In this book, Fali explains how he was brought up as an only child and describes his journey from Rangoon to New Delhi and how he has entered the legal profession. Nariman inspires us by giving us an insight into his character and life in the form of 18 chapters in this book. Nariman, in his autobiography explains how he was convinced he was born on the tenth day of January. He describes his life as a child who was ‘cloudlessly happy’ living happily with his …show more content…

Fali in Chapter 5: Lessons in the ‘School of Hard Knocks.’, tells us that when law students from all over the country ask him how a lawyer must prepare for arguing important cases, he always answers ‘as best as you can.’ Fali, in this chapter, gives an invaluable piece of advise to the young lawyers of today which was advised to him by C.K.Daphtary, ‘It is better to spend more time thinking about a case than merely reading the brief.’ Fali gives another immensely important piece of advise to the lawyers saying, ‘Don’t quarrel with your opponents or be nasty to them because if you have chosen the law as your profession, the major part of your life will be spent with colleagues at the

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