Behoowulf: Character Analysis Of The Epic Of Beowulf

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The character I was assigned from Mr. Halliday was BeoWulf. BeoWulf is a mighty and fierce warrior. He hears the news that there is a monster attacking people in the Land of Dane, and no one has been able to fight him, and whoever tries they end up dying. So then he thinks that he should be the one and then he Call’s to the Adventure, so then Beowulf argues with his father about going to the Land of Dane, but his father thinks that it is too dangerous, but despite the fact of his father, BeoWulf scurries to kill the evil monster, whose name is Grendel. He goes to the land of Dane to fight Grendel, and ends up defeating him. But then later on after Grendel dies, Grendel’s mother comes and tries to take vengeance from the people who killed Grendel…show more content…
Then passes his mighty necklace to the new generation. His goal was to do everything himself, and no one was brave enough to fight any of these monsters except BeoWulf. He prepares to do everything by himself, without any ones help. Although the king does give him his mighty necklace. BeoWulf gets rewarded with a very precious necklace from the king and queen after he defeats the monsters. The necklace is made out of gold and silver, and is very expensive. He also receives a mighty and undefeatable sword which defeats anything or anyone, and always has been able to do that. The sword helps him kill the dragon at the end of the story. BeoWulf was always alone, meaning that he did have a few people helping him but everybody resigned last moment because they were scared of the monsters. And some of the soldiers were even killed. So BeoWulf always defeated all the monsters on his own. BeoWulf was always balanced out, other than the fact that he had to travel multiple times in and out. He would either travel to The Land of Dane or his home or inside the city to find or defeat a monster. BeoWulf always lived in the moment and nothing feared him. Nothing; and I mean nothing because he was a brave and fierce warrior. And that he was always ready to fight or battle with any

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