Being In A Gang Quotes

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In this essay I will discuss how Kelly presentes the negative effects of being in a gang through the use of a hierarchy in the sense of a very manipulative and controlling character compared to a very weak character who is pushed around and bullied into doing a lot of foolish things for either the group’s entertainment or benefit. Kelly presents the idea of being in a gang as a very negative and pessimistic one. We can see this in the quote “Richard, you’re scared of, are you?”. This is a rhetorical question said by John Tate highlighting a sense of control leadership for him. A repeated theme in this book is John Tate jockeying for power as he has an appetite for leadership. This quote also gives us the impression that it would be very ignorant to stand up to his sadistic and savage nature. It also seems that members of this gang are expected to act cowardly towards The leader, John Tate. We can also see his manipulative ways through the quote “if anyone says it, I’m going to have to, you know, bite their face” the word he is referring to is ‘dead” this could imply that despite his confidence when controlling the group he doesn’t want to believe Adam is actually dead as he doesn’t have a plan.
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