Beloved Oud Artifact

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The Beloved Oud

My father’s beloved oud is the oldest artifact in our home. Ever since we were young we would always gather around my father, and listen to the beautiful music that was produced by his oud. The oud belongs to my father, but we consider it a significant artifact in our home due to the great history it holds. The oud is a pear-shaped wooden stringed instrument which looks almost as a guitar. It is known as the king of Arabian, and Middle-Eastern music because of its main use. As a teenager, my dad and his friends used to play music around one another, this was seen as a type of social gathering in which any individual present would play on the oud while those who surround them dance and clap. They were very passionate about it as it brought people together whether it was by teaching one another how to play certain …show more content…

Although my dad was passionate about playing the oud he also managed to learn, and play other instruments such as the violin, and the privet, but nothing could top the emotion that was brought through …show more content…

The fact that it was made by a phenomenal craftsman brought greater value to our hearts. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the pleasure on meeting Mohammad Al Baghdadi, who passed away way before I was born, even though I haven’t met him I can imagine the how much of a great man he was just by the way people would describe him. This antique piece was created with phenomenal craftsmanship and quality which cannot be found easily these days. The oud was part of my childhood which is also why it hold great value in my life as well as great family memories. One thing I will never forget is when I came home sad from school one day and I heard my dad playing the oud in the living room, I suddenly smiled and ran to him, I remember sitting around my father for several hours as he sung childhood songs. Although I was listening to him play the details on the Oud always put me in

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