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Beloved by Toni Morrison is about a mother named Sethe and her daughter name Denver. They both live in a haunted house called “124”. This story takes place in the year 1873. The house is haunted by one of Sethe's babies that passed away. The ghost scares both the girls, that they’re too scared to leave the house. Back in the day Sethe was kept as a salve in a place called the “Sweet Home” they treated her like she was nothing to nobody. Eventually one night she got the chance to escape that place and headed to “Cincinnati”. Even though she escaped the place she still remembers those horrible memories. One night an old friend of Sethe that also escaped from “Sweet Home” and came to her house. His name was Paul D. Sethe's daughter, Denver, wasn't so happy to see him but Sethe for sure was! After 5 minutes of seeing each other, Sethe and Paul were already having sex. After a while it was like the house wasn't haunted anymore and Denver started to like Paul as a friend now. …show more content…

Ever since she moved in with them, things started to change. When Beloved moved in, Paul moved out and started to sleep in the cold house because for some reason he couldn't sleep in the house anymore. One night Beloved came inside the cold house. Paul didn't want her to be there, but he couldn't make her leave. Beloved stands over him and says that he wants him to “touch her inside part” Paul tells her to go away, but she doesn't listen. Over and over again, Beloved tells him that he has to touch her and call her by her name. They start to have sex and durning that moment, Paul is thinking about the horrible memories he had from Sweet

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