Benjamin Banneker Letter To Thomas Jefferson Essay

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In Benjamin Banneker's letter to Thomas Jefferson, he develops his argument against slavery through historical allusions and emotional appeals in order to persuade Thomas Jefferson about the injustice of slavery.

Firstly, Benjamin Banneker uses historical and biblical appeals to help convey his purpose of the injustice of slavery to Thomas Jefferson. Banneker makes an allusion to the invasion of the British colonies in America to offer a comparison to slavery. Banneker asks Jefferson to recall the time and reflect on that time “in which every human aid appeared unavailable”. In hopes he was able to involve guilt in Jefferson as while slavery was happening he enjoyed the “freedom and tranquility” that received a “peculiar bussing of Heaven”. Jefferson was able to enjoy freedom and tranquility while African Americans were being forced to be slaves. He uses this allusion to emphasize how Jefferson was enjoying freedom while slavery was happening, in order to make Jefferson feel a sense of guilt for what he allowed to go on. …show more content…

Banneker mentions how Jefferson said “all men are created equal” and all have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, however, Jefferson's actions do not reflect his words. He is saying everyone is equal and has the right to life and liberty, yet he allows slavery even though it's the opposite. Slaves have no life or rights and are forced to do the worst of the worst. Not only does Banneker emotionally appeal to when he publicly held forth the truth, but he also appeals to how potable it is to have to reflect on Jefferson’s actions. Banneker talks about how he counteracts his mercies “under graning captivity and cruel oppression” and that he should be “found guilty of that most criminal act which you professedly detested in others with respect to

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