Benjamin Franklin: Actions Speak Longer Than Words

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Actions speak louder than words. How many times has a friend said they would do something and never do it? Benjamin Franklin states in his quote, “Well done is better than well said.” This means doing something is better than just saying it, which I totally agree with.
If someone is nothing but talk people will not take them seriously. The Crisis Number One is a good example of this quote. The author Thomas Paine wrote an speach about how the american people should fight; he not only wrote about joining the army, but also enlisted himself. He also shames the people who are ‘summer soldier’s’ or ‘sunshine patriot’ because they are only there for the good times and are really all talk no action. Another good example of someone who prefers action over talk is none other than Benjamin Franklin himself. In The Autobiography he states multiple times how he will make a list of virtues for himself and how he will work on them one by one. As read through the passage it states how Franklin lives by his saying “well done is better than well said.” He then states how he acted on his words showing he is a man
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Growing up you learn who to go to to get an objective done. Whether it be a friend or family member. Usually these are the people we trust the most. My father is a businessman and an engineer he knows numbers and is an all action kind of guy. The thing he says most of the time is “don't tell me show me.” He says this because he doesn't want people to promise something they can't keep. This is a good thing for business because it gets things done and it shows who are the good workers. Also, I personally prefer people who are true to their word. That’s because I myself am a ‘doer’ so i try to surround myself with people who are the same. You’ll notice the difference in quality with these people. they are better friends because they are always straight with you, if they can't do something they will tell

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