Benjamin Franklin Analysis

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This is a quote by Benjamin Franklin on the topic of talents. He explains how individuals should not hide from their talent but put it to good use because it was given for a reason. He compares hiding ones talent to that of an object that is not usable such as a sundial. If a sundial is not put in the environment that it needs to be functional then it becomes useless. Just like the sundial, if individuals do not pursue their talent and a job that uses their talent then it becomes useless.
Good Will Hunting. By Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Dir. Gus Van Sant. Perf. Robin Williams and Matt Damon. Miramax Films, 1997. Transcript.
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This speech was given by the CEO of Apple and Pixar to the 2015 graduating class of Stanford University. In the speech Jobs tells three stories about his past and what lead him to the success he was at during the time he gave the speech. He spoke of great triumphs and tragedies. He told stories about dropping out of college, developing his own business, being fired from his own business, working his way back up in the industry, and about learning about his pancreatic cancer. Jobs explained that students should not listen to what society tells them they have to do but to follow their talents and their passions. Jobs followed his talent through dropping out of college, rejection, and heart ache and ended up one of the most powerful men in the world. Jobs success story can be anyone who follows their talents and put them to …show more content…

This is a parable that Jesus told on the topic of talents. The story goes through a master going on a journey and entrusting his slaves with his money to take care of while he is away. Two of the slaves go and invest the money and double what they originally had while the third slaves buries the money for safe keeping. When the master comes home he praises the two slaves that instead the money and doubles it, but he rebukes the slave that buried the money. The “money” in this parable is a metaphor for talents. The master is God and he went away and gave his followers each a talent. The slaves he praised at the end of the parable are the individuals that use their talents and invest them in the kingdom of God while the slave that is rebuked hides his talent and never allows his gift from the Master to produce any fruit for the kingdom of God. The moral of this parable is for individuals not to hide their talents, rather to go out into the world and use them to the glory of

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