Beowulf: A True Epic Hero

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Beowulf: A True Epic Hero
In the distance, there was a BOOM and a CRACK as the monsters invaded. We are all going to die! Mason bolted upright, dripping in sweat and practically crying. He hates monsters. Despises them! Mason has just woken up from his worst nightmare. Even though the monsters in Mason's dream aren't real, the monsters in Beowulf: A new Telling are real. Come with me as we venture through the story of Beowulf and find out how he overcame Grendel and his Mother by showing superior intelligence, goes on a quest, and risks his life for his people.
Beowulf was the nephew of Hygelac, who was king of the Geats. He was on the smaller size for his age, and had weak vision because of a bee sting incident, but was still strong and loyal to his uncle and his people. Beowulf was the rare kind of person who makes strength of his own weakness (Nye 19-20). One day, King Hygelac had received a message from the king of the Danes, Hrothgar, for help. Hall Heorot had been invaded by the monster Grendel, son of …show more content…

The treasure was supposed to be left there for the dead to have a happy afterlife. Beowulf also got to be buried while the other kings got burned alive and sent to sea. Yes, these things did happen, but Beowulf, the Geats, and the Danes all became Christians. These acts are all acts of Christianity. No, it doesn’t make what Beowulf did right, but it doesn’t make it wrong either. As king, Beowulf has the right to do whatever he wants!
Beowulf died trying to save his people. He truly shows the characteristics of a epic hero by his superior intelligence, going on a quest, and risking his life for his people. Mason doesn’t have to be afraid of his nightmares anymore, and neither do you. We both now know that there are epic hero's out there just like Beowulf, to slay these monsters. We can now all sleep soundly because we know, that no matter where we are, we are

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