Beowulf As A Hero

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Beowulf is considered a hero because he saves King Hrothgar and his people from Grendel and Grendel 's Mother, and then dies Killing a dragon and getting the treasure for his country. Arcite- is a hero because while Palamon Saw Emily first Palamon wants them to kill for her and fight savagely, and Arcite insists on having armor and weapons. Sir Gawain-is considered a hero, because he resists the temptations presented to him by the fair lady, and when he accepts the present and agrees not to tell the King, in the end he is truthful with the King about everything that happened thus granting him his life. Beowulf, Arcite, and Sir Gawain were the heroes of their respective stories. They were all heroes who made noble choices. Some of the noble …show more content…

Beowulf chose to fight for King Hrothgar and his people, even though he had no ties to them, and their was no reward promised.
Beowulf, the Geat, hero of the poem, hears of Hrothgar’s sorrow, and/resolves to go to his assistance/….Hrothgar discoursed, helm of the Scyldings:/”To defend our folk and to furnish assistance,/Thou soughtest us hither, good friend Beowulf/(7-8 pg.22%, 2-4 pg.30%)
Beowulf offered his assistance to King Hrothgar because he wanted to save him and his people from the monster Grendel. He was not required or even asked to fight but sought them out in order to help them. Arcite chose to fight in the battle for his country against Duke Theseus.
When this valiant Duke Theseus/had killed Creon and thus won Thebes,/he took his rest all night upon that same field/ Searching in the pile of dead bodies/in order to strip them of armor and clothes,/ the pillagers worked hard and carefully/after the battle and defeat./It so happened that they found in the pile,/thrust through with many a grievous bloody wound,/two young knights lying side by side,/both in identical arms, which were made most richly./Of the two, one was named Arcite/and the other knight was called …show more content…

Therefore abide ye in your bed, and I will hunt in this wood, and hold ye to the covenant to exchange with me against all the spoil i may bring hither. For twice have I tried ye, and found ye ture, and the morrow shall be the third time and the best. Make we merry now while we may, and think on joy for misfortune may take a man whensoever it wills.”(Loc.536-542)
Sir Gawain volunteered for the quest, even though it would most likely end in his death, in order that his King would not be humiliated. He also granted the Lord’s wishes for him to stay longer, even though he was eager to finish his quest. All three heroes put others above themselves at some time in their lives.
Beowulf, Arcite, and Sir Gawain all made many noble or heroic choices throughout their tales. They chose to fight, were willing to die, and put others before themselves. Sir Gawain was the most heroic because, although he didn’t die he learned a valuable lesson and was willing to sacrifice the most in order to do the right thing. This matters because the most heroic thing isn’t always the bravest thing, and being willing to sacrifice even for the little things can be more important than any act of bravery. In the end all three heroes made noble choices that won them the title of

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