Beowulf Fairness

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I think Beowulf, is a better fit for mordern times becausehe does not put his pride in the way of what is important. Beowulf may be self- centered and very boastful, but he often thinks of others in their time of need. His character proves strength; to me this categorizes him as a great warrior. Beowulf shows fairness, strength, selflessness, and kindness, all which I believe is very important to the development of the current society. Beowulf’s character has a very strong influence on the Anglo-Saxon period, which is why I think Beowulf is a good fit for the twenty-first century. Beowulf shows strength and fairness which is very useful for modern times. Raffel says Beowulf “Is so great that he needs no weapons and fears none. Nor will I.…show more content…
Raffle says that the dragons “Skin, that Hrunting could not hurt her, was useless/ Now when he needed it. They wrestled, she ripped/ And tore and clawed at him, bit holes in his helmet/…He raised his arms and seized her by the, shoulder; anger/ Double his strength, he threw her to the floor”( Raffel ln. 600-614). His bravery can be used to help others. Beowulf was very greedy for glory but when it came to the safety of others, he was selfless. Raffle says, “…He leaped into the lake, would not wait for anyone’s/ Answer; the heaving water covered him” (Raffel ln. 570-571). Beowulf thinks about his solders, he does not want them to get hurt. I think Beowulf shows kindness and selflessness which can really be used in today’s society. Beowulf may show greed to get glory but he has good intentions. I think Beowulf is a good fit for modern times because he does not put his pride in the way of what is important. He displays leadership, which is needed. His fairness, selflessness, and strength, shows exceptional characteristics. Beowulf may brag about his accomplishments but when it comes to other people Beowulf is selfless (“from

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