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The movie Big Fish was written by Daniel Wallace and John August and directed by Tim Burton. This film tells the tale of father and son and their struggle to make amends from earlier events in their life. Will, the son, is upset with his father, Edward, because he is unable to establish which of his famous stories are fantasy and which are a reality. Nearing the end of the movie, Will discovers that sometimes it does not always matter what is real or fake as long as the intentions behind it have a positive motive. Taking into consideration the sound, lighting, score and all of the other elements that made this movie excellent; this film is a 4.6 out of 5 stars. One of the main things that made this film unique was the exceptional use of lighting.…show more content…
The music in this movie plays a large part in many areas. There are a wide variety of songs that play from the very beginning all the way to the ending credits. The bright side to all of the pieces in this film is that most of the songs do a very good job at giving off the proper mood for any given scene. An example of this is the song playing during the scene where Edward says his farewells to the members of the circus. The song that is played during this is called “Everyday”. This piece of music does a perfectly good job at giving off the exact emotions that the audience would want to feel. It helps give a sense of nostalgia and happiness because Edward gets to go find the love of his life. Although this film does a fine job at using the music to make the audience have a stronger understanding of the mood in the scene; there is always some bad with the good. The downside of having a lot of great music is that there may even be too much of it. It can be hard for the viewers to adjust to the mood of the song when the music is constantly changing. This movie has approximately twenty-three songs and is one hundred twenty-five minutes long. This means that in general a new song is played every five minutes and most music is two to three minutes long. This means that on average you only have a two minute break before being introduced to a new song. The result of this is that it can cause the audience…show more content…
Nearly every actor and actress seemed as if they were born for the role they were cast for. The actor who played Will Bloom, Billy Crudup, was nothing short of immaculate. His emotions and reactions to situations were portrayed beautifully and even had the ability to make people forget that he was an actor. An example of this is when Edward was in the hospital and he asked Will to tell him the story of how he was going to die. Despite all of the differences that he and his father had; he told the most beautiful story that was the perfect ending to a fantastic movie. The impact of the marvelous acting skills was that it helps the viewer to feel the emotions of the characters and actually connect with the movie. Another example of this phenomenal acting is the way that the colors that the characters wore matched their personalities. For example, the people in the circus wore very bright and bold colors that represented their outgoing personalities. Also, Sandra’s appearance is soft, gentle and full of light colors to match her kind and loving personality. All of these things combine together to make a god experience for the viewers. Led by the remarkable Tim Burton; this movie is definitely something special. The inspiring tale of father and son did just the right amount of tugging at the heartstrings. This

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