Film Analysis: The Hunting Grounds

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Most teenagers complain about not having enough freedom. To be able to sit and eat ice cream out of the box at ten in the morning for breakfast or blast their favorite music as loud as possible. For most, college provides that, opening its campus to their students with gates of gold granting young adults the freedom that they dream about. Unfortunately, a new danger that once was cloaked from young minds is being revealed, making this freedom less obtainable. That danger is rape. This hidden reality has been brought to light in the documentary “The Hunting Grounds” by producer Amy Ziering and director Kirby Dick, a very well known director who also managed the film “The Invisible War.” which centers around a similar concept or rape in the …show more content…

Actually it rarely stops. So once the film reached the central concept of rape, the music began to change to reflect the mood. When you think about rape, melancholy, dark, and intimidating thoughts begin to form and the music serves to increase that sense of feeling. The song “Til It Happens To You.” sung by the well know artist Lady Gaga, was a key song played in the film that had a significant effect. Many times throughout the film, facts were displayed which really allowed the strength of the music to be heard because it had no voice overs or any other distractions besides the words that appeared. These moments are some of the strongest. For the main portion of the film this type of simplistic yet saddening music was played to really “pull on the heartstrings” or in other words to exploit every inch of the word rape with every time it is mentioned. Thousands of studies have been done to compare music and mood. The majority of them all prove that music and a person's mood are inherently linked. The deep psychological effects it creates is massive, and even if you are so happy to the point where you can't contain yourself, the second you turn on a depressing song, that feeling of being on cloud nine won't go away entirely, but it for sure will decrease significantly without

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