Rhetorical Analysis Of The Secret Movie

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Rhetorical Analysis of “The Secret” movie

“The Law of gravity is like the law of attraction.” In the movie The Secret, it uses many logical fallacies and the logical chain of reasoning to argue that if you know the “Secret,” then everything you want or everything you are attracted to you will get it. The logical chain of reasoning used in this movie consists of Ethos, Logos, and Pathos and the logical fallacies committed are Equivocation, False Cause, Slippery Slope, Hasty Generalization, and Black or White. If one or more logical fallacies are committed and/or one part of the logical reasoning is not strong enough then your argument is not strong enough and if your argument is not strong enough then it will fall apart. But it does not always take one fallacy to break down a whole arguement. In the beginning of the movie they used suspenseful music and imagery to keep the viewer more interested and make the viewer want to know what the “Secret” is and this is part of the logical chain of reasoning known as Pathos. Pathos is …show more content…

A slippery slope is committed when one argues that a small action or policy will lead to something extreme but is skipping or missing steps in the chain of reasoning “You can change your emotions quickly.” This is an example of a slippery slope because, not everyone can change their emotions quickly because some have long-term depression and there is no logical statistics or studies that show that you can change your emotions quickly unless you have a mood disorder. Another example of a slippery slope is when one narrator states that, “Law of attraction says we’ll give you whatever it is you say and focus on” and this is a slippery slope because some may want something and when they focus on that one thing they either don’t get it or something bad happens to them or the thing they are attracted to.”Plus there is no statistics that prove this theory or claim

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