Rhetorical Analysis: The Onion's Press Release

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Magically Magnasoles Americans love the idea that with one magical pill or purchase all of their problems can disappear right before their eyes. This Onion article satirizes this component within American society by making fun of America’s willingness to believe dubious medical claims. Within The Onion article, it focuses on the product Magnasoles which is a shoe insert responsible for harnessing the power of magnetism to properly align the biomagnetic field around the foot. “It’s a total foot-rejuvenation system”, it can make all of a person’s problems go away. In The Onion’s Press Release, Barry displays persuasive logos, vivid imagery, and specific diction to try and convince his audience to not believe ridiculous medical jargon. First, Barry utilizes persuasive logos to prove just how ridiculous some claims of medical remedies truly are. The article uses multiple shady statements about MagnaSoles and their near magical ability to heal, but even a semi-informed person would be able to decipher the medical jargon. “Practiced in the Occident for over eleven years, reflexology, the literature explains, establishes a correspondence between every point on the human foot and another part of the …show more content…

Overall, the rhetorical devices logos, imagery, and diction do a very good job at persuading the audience to believe the medical jargon about the product Magnasoles. Although the author was trying to display the stupidity of Americans, he made it sound like he fully supported the product. People who did not know The Onion for its devotion to humor and satire would have never known. Therefore it can be very misleading. Although Americans love their magical pills and products, it is important that they can see through the medical jargon and ignore the rhetorical strategies used in order to trick

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