The Onion Satire Analysis

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In the funniest publication, The Onion, the author uses satire to criticize people and expose them to their stupidity or vice, typically in politics or other recent and popular issue. Satire is used through the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule. In this mock press release from The Onion it is made to mock the release and the reasoning for the creating on MagnaSoles, which are shoe inserts. The author of this hilarious work of art writes this to criticize the concept of these shoe soles doing all the amazing things they are said to do, they are just basic shoe inserts. The author uses exaggeration and overstatements to achieve his goal of mocking the shoe soles and their release. At the start of this mock press release, the author makes up his own kind of science. In talking about the shoe inserts the author says “which [inserts] stimulate and smooth the wearer 's …show more content…

When talking about how great these inserts are, it is stated that these inserts enable “your soles to heal your entire body as you walk”. This is a big overstatement. It is not possible for just a ¼ inch of gel foot insert is going to heal your entire body. It is funny to the reader because with common sense you could figure out that there is no way this insert can heal your entire body. It is funny to even think that it would. The author later makes another overstatement by giving a story that someone twists their ankle and they placed MagnaSole on and they didn’t have pain 7 weeks after and they “noticed a significant decrease in pain and can now walk comfortably”. This is an overstatement because there is no way a shoe insert can heal your twisted ankle, which takes 6 3 weeks to 4 months and should have ankle support (brace). These shoe inserts aren 't ankled support and couldn’t heal a twisted ankle. This is a lie, and this is how the author exaggerates all the things the insert can

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