Biographical Essay: Whooper Town

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Billy was a very smart man. Billy got straight A’s. But when Billy was a senior (in Whooper high ) Billy played football. Billy played for Whooper Town Billy was Irish. Billy was a foot doctor. Billy is 19 and a half he is single and was born in Ireland. His father is a famous youtuber(Jacksepticeye) who made $2.5 million a year.

When Billy was young Billy was in love. His love was his girlfriend Sussy Jr.Billy was gonna surprise her but...Sussy was missing. Billy went looking for her. A week passed and Billy couldn’t find Sussy. But he looked in the closet there she was hanging there dead.

Billy had a secret no one knew about. In his home he had a secret door leading to the Billy cave. Billy had all sorts of things including a Billy mobile. Billy was very rich but no one knew. …show more content…

Billy was one of the best players in the nation.Every college wanted to get him.But he stopped playing because he had head trauma and so he quit.

When I was young my mom died from cancer. So Sean my dad was sad and was a single dad. We played games together and had fun.Dad thought how much he loved Billy was his most favorite thing in the whole world. But they still got along very well. Sean loved billy and played games with him. Billy 's great great great uncle Bob was a mobster. Bob killed many people and made lots of money. He was shot and killed.That 's how Billy became rich and also he sold guns.

Billy always dreams of owning the NY Giants. Billy’s favorite T.V. show is Family Guy. Billy 's goal in life is to own the NY Giants and win the Superbowl. Billy 's favorite player was Brett

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