Biological Model Of Substance Abuse

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There is a basic model that helps create a prognosis on possible substance abuse disorders. This goes from exposure of the substance use, to substance dependence. The basic premise is that cultural and psychological influences the beginning use of substances. As psychological stressors are associated with the substance, then it leads to substance abuse. The biological and psychological influences will lead to substance dependence. Paul and Alex have followed this model, with Alex as the one with the likely prognosis. The basic premise of the model could lead to a lot of questions. What are psychological influences, or stressors? The major psychological influences are positive and negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement is when an event increases after a certain behavior. Negative reinforcement is when something unwanted is removed after a behavior. The psychological stressors are connected with biological influences. How can a person determine the biological influences associated with substance abuse leading to dependence? This is noticed by the sensitivity to the substance, and the amount of substance necessary to receive a response. It is also associated with mood disorders or anxiety. …show more content…

There are many factors that influence people on a regular basis, and it is important to understand when it is time to stop. Many people believe that it will not happen to them, but it can easily happen to anyone. In this age college students may have the highest likelihood of crossing the threshold to drug abuse. When a friend first turned twenty-one she was continually at bars, with friends. She also would drink by herself on a regular basis in order to feel relaxed. Her alcohol tolerance became very high, and sometimes she would drink all night without ‘feeling a buzz’. This scared her closest friends, and it was likely that if she had continued on this path she would have become dependent on

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