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On October 28, 1993 a strike team of Delta Force operators launched an attack to capture a high ranking warlord living in Mogadishu Somalia. The goal of the operation was achieved but the local militia forced the soldiers into an overnight standoff that lasted well into the next day. In the end the United States lost 18 operators 73 were wounded and one was captured. The causes of the incident known as Black Hawk Down provide insight into changes made to U.S. tactics and foreign policy. One of the major factors that contributed to the fatality of the operation was the reliance on cutting edge technology. The military had a large arsenal of intel gathering equipment that was used and designed to deployed against a modern super power. This equipment proved useless in Somalia where most communication and weaponry used by the militia was too old to be detected. This led to the …show more content…

foreign policy and military tactics. One major change was the diversification of intel gathering sources relying less on technology and more on people. The way they valued informant information changed as well. The failure of the op made the military realize that the decisive terrain in combat is human terrain meaning that without significant first hand intel the success of an operation cannot be guaranteed. Probably the most important lesson learned is that the media plays a much larger role in war today than in previous wars. The Battle of Mogadishu is undeniably a tactical U.S. victory. The primary objective was achieved and despite being vastly outnumbered the U.S. suffered 18 deaths and 73 wounded, compared to 350 killed and 500 wounded Somalis. Despite this victory the images provided by the media showing U.S. soldiers being dragged through the streets forced the United States to withdraw due to a horrible public opinion of the

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