Black Privilege In America

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The Disease of Being Colored Colored, nigger, African American, black, coon, and Negro are all the words that describe my race. These are the words that helped mold me into the woman that I am today. Not all of the words that I have listed are in a respectful manner, but they all mean one thing; A black person. Although all of those names can be thrown towards anyone of the African decedent, often times people do not care to see behind the skin of an individual. In hindsight everyone looks alike when the lights are off, and when we are even dead and buried in the ground. Racism is a big issue in the modern world of today. It almost seems as if history is repeating itself from the 1950’s. For someone to completely understand …show more content…

Black privilege is far from having white privilege. White privilege is having an easy way out of most situations and having everything almost granted to you. I would consider black privilege is having not a dime handed to you, but the odds stacked against you. When people look at me, I always wonder what is the first thing that comes to their mind? A female or a black person, or both? What amazes me is the fact that most white people know that they have white privilege and will even admit it. Some are arrogant, while others are aware of their white power privilege, but try and let it not be known to the world. Tim Wise wrote a book talking about his experience as a white man with white privilege. The book is a true eye opener for not only blacks, but whites as well. “When you’re a member of the privileged group, you don’t take kindly to someone telling you that you can’t do something” (Wise, 2008). Tim openly admitted what your average black person already knew. Minority groups are so used to doors beings slammed in their face or being told no. What’s difficult is when your privileged group of people can get away with acts, that if a minority group committed the consequences would be horridness. I work at Zaxby’s in Bainbridge, and I witness a lot of racial injustices unfold right in front of my eyes. I’ve witnessed young white boys fight in my drive through while the police were present and neither boy was arrested, nor told to leave the premises via the police. I’ve also witnessed a young black boy who was clearly mentally unstable come into Zaxby’s, and ask to use the phone. When we told him we did not have a public phone he cussed; causing the officers to come to the counter and escort him out. Which happened to be same officers who did not remove the two young white boys off of the premises for fighting. Which crime was worse? The

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