Blitzkrieg Research Paper

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Nazi War Tactics
World War II was one of the biggest and deadliest wars ever and had a lot of crazy things happen but one thing that stuck out for me was the Nazis war tactics.
Blitzkrieg is a war tactic for the Nazis that is designed to make disorganization with other enemies through mobile forces and locally concentrated firepower. Blitzkrieg required of concentration. Blitzkrieg and german air power from resupplying with troops and ammunition. Blitzkrieg also used heavy powered tanks, planes, artillery etc. The successful execution results in military campaigns, what that does is it preserves lives. Blitzkrieg was also used by Erwin Rommel during North African campaign in WWII, General George Patton had also used it for his European operations. The word blitzkrieg was rarely used in Nazi military manuals or handbook. Nor was it found in memoirs and correspondent German generals. You may also know blitzkrieg as the lightning war. Germany used this tactic on Poland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands and so on.The Germans thought that blitzkrieg was working against the soviet union. Germany was so close to being able to take over with blitzkrieg but was stopped by the Soviet Union. …show more content…

All of the war tactics were made by Hitler. Hitler not only wanted to beat his enemies but to keep as many people alive. He initially wanted to destroy the Western powers because it could surely destroy the Nazis expansionism. Hitler wanted to eliminate everything Poland had in mind to do. For some reason Hitler thought he needed war. Another tactic was they Hitler wanted to enter a non-aggression treaty with Joseph Stalin and his Soviet Union. Hitler had taken down Poland and France with the

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