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Bob Hope was born in Eltham, Lodon, United Kingdom, on May 29, 1903.he was married to Gracie Louise Troxell from 1933-1934. His parents were William Henry Hope and Avis Towns. Together, they had a total of 7 children, including Bob. William, his father, was a stone mason, but Avis, his mother, was an opera singer. The family lived in Weston-super-mare, then Whitehall and St. George in Bristol, before moving to Cleveland, Ohio, in 1908. ( 2) The family emigrated to the United States aboard the SS Pliladelphia, and passed inspection at Ellis Island on March 30, 1908. ( 2) In 1934 he, Bob Hope, claimed to marry Dolores Hope, eventhough there was no real evidence of the beginning of their marriage. In contrast to that, they had the longest marriage in Hollywood history—69 years. In the midst of that, they adopted 4 children—Linda Hope, William Kelly Francis Hope, Eleanora Hope and Antony J hope. Bob hope was a film actor, television actor, …show more content…

His comedy career started in the early 1930s with the Broadway musical “Roberta”. In this play, he and Bing Crosby played two comical men, with the same love interest. Throughout the play, they comically fight over her and try to win her love. In 1940, he made his first film with Bing Crosby. On his own and with Bing Crosby, Bobo starred in many hit comedies. Bob also performed stand –up comedy for the military men. Through this he brought many people joy, won awards and became known for his quick one-liners. Some of his awards are as follows: Kennedy Center Honors, Academy Honorary Award, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Golden Globe awards, People’s Choice Award for Favorite All-Around Entertainer, People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Special, Grammy Hall of Fame, People’s Choice Award for Favorite All-time Entertainer, and Primetime Emmy Award. He also hosted the Golden Globe awards for 10

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