Body Dissatisfaction In Women

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In the united states, body dissatisfaction is very common in women. In addition to dealing with their own body dissatisfaction, they tend to experience scrutiny and criticism from others about their physical appearance. Mass media pressure about how a woman's body look all leads to an unhealthy cultural need to be thin. Many women will acquire anyways to look thin and reach the expectation of thinness in American society. While the expectation of women to look a particular way or thin is increasing, the need to look thin can be unhealthy causing eating disorders in women (Lin et al, 2015).
A current epidemiological survey of adults between the ages of 18 to 90 found that 28.7 % of women in the United States mentioned unhappiness with their
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Most women’s magazine showed 10 times as many as diet food and products as compared to men. In general, research has shown while the promotion of diet food and products increases, the female body ideal sizes from mass media decreases. The media doesn't just adore the thin ideal, they also highlight its importance and significance of the general appearances. The media culture discourages women by holding them as a prisoner to an unachievable beauty standard (Spettigue & Henderson, 2004).
Moreover, the media representation of women and men in the US is very “restrictive” and is a possible factor in rising desire to be thin in women. In the US, female models are usually 15 percent below the average female weight. The media implies that women must be thin and on the other hand, they need to have an “athletic, toned, and tight body” (Miller et al, 2005, 2014). Accordingly, “it is perhaps not surprising that a meta-analysis of media influence found a relationship between exposure to media images depicting the thin-ideal body and body image concerns in women” (Miller et al,
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Hages and Ross (1987) have mentioned that young people a lot likely to pick up a trend when it is associated “attractiveness, appearance and popularity” while they pay no attention to the likely negative health effect. According to Dowds (2010), young women believe that one of the things in life that contributes to being successful and happy is, the need to be thin (Verma & Avgoulas, 2015). Thus, some women may use their body shape and weight as a type of measuring tape of society value and body
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