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Bok Tower Is the Elysian of the Gardens
Margarita Garcia
HUM 2020-76533-Introduction to Humanities
Professor G. Moore
March 5, 2018 Abstract
Unique architectural design has faded into a modern look in Polk County Florida. However, the Gothic style creeped into our community and was incorporated into the design of an old building still standing in Lake Wales, it is the Bok Tower of Bok Tower Gardens. Lake Wales, Florida is about 4,581 miles from Ile-de-France region of France where the Gothic style originated from. The influence of the Architect in the Gothic style from the Middle- Ages was rapidly spreading throughout the world reaching United States of America. The structure has survived through time and destructive whether. The Gothic …show more content…

Bok contracted a well-known landscape architect by the name of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr, a one of a kind architect designer Milton B. Medary, Samel Yellin the metal worker, tile maker J. H. Dulles Allen, and stone sculpture Lee Lawie. These gentlemen partook of this extraordinary plan to create the Bok Tower and its Gardens. The Bok Tower Gardens was construction and release for the public to enjoy its paradise scenery on February 1, 1929 .The landmark has had over 23 million visitors since the completion of the construction. Besides the attraction this garden has for humans the site was really meant for the animals to enjoy, as it read on a sign near the Pond observatory” This is nature’s show, not ours”. Bok Tower was recognized and is now consider a National Historic Landmark as of August 21, 1972. There is no mention about how much it cost but they are always keeping up on the various repairs to keep the Tower original yet …show more content…

A 60-bell carillon is housed in the Tower. It is surrounded by 250-acre of gardens to attract the many species of birds. There are eight marble heron statues at the top of the Tower. The artwork scheme for both the grille work and sculpture consist of different type of birds, a Bible scene about Adam and Eva, and the serpent, sea creatures, and a variety of flowers. The top third floor had tiles that were vibrant and colorful. The north side of the Tower was designed with huge brass door depicted from the book of Genesis, starting with the creation until the first perfect couple were banished from the Garden of Eden. The masterpiece of the iron gates towards the tower was created with wings and exotic zoomorphic pieces that included wings and wing-like art forms. The Tower also has a sundial fixated on it, made from bronze and molded into a snake. As the sun moves from east to west it presents time on the 12 zodiac symbols used to mark the hour. The tower was designed at to be capture by the pond in it’s entirely through its reflection. There are many fascinating mosaics on the Tower. Some materials used for the design and structure were iron, metal, pink and grey marble coquina stone, friezes, tiles, carved screens, arched entranceway, balconies, and sculpted finals. Some of the themes consist of philosophy, depiction in, the Bible, Nature and humanity. There was also Renaissance -style iron

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