Compare And Contrast The Lincoln Memorial Vs Parthenon

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The development of modern day architecture is very fascinating. Even though it has a very significant difference to architecture in the past, it still has many similarities. Many famous buildings we have today still show the same basic designs. For example, the Lincoln Memorial is very similar to the Parthenon. The Lincoln Memorial has the same structure in the front as the Parthenon The architect, Henry Bacon, modeled the Lincoln Memorial to represent the Parthenon. He did this because President Lincoln defended democracy. So Henry Bacon built the structure to represent the birth place of democracy. The two buildings both have Corinthian columns. This type of column is from the Doric Order. Both buildings are dedicated to our own version of a ruler. The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated to President Lincoln. The Parthenon was dedicated to the Greek Goddess Athena. Another thing they have in common is some of the…show more content…
The Lincoln Memorial has thirty-six columns that represent each state that was reunified to the United States of America. The Parthenon contains forty-six outer columns and twenty-three inner columns. Even though the buildings may be similar in color and texture they are made with a few different materials. The foundations of the Parthenon were made of limestone. The outer part was made of marble. The Lincoln Memorial is made of bronze girders. It is ornamented with laurel and oak leaves. There are panels of Alabama Marble in between the girders that are saturated with paraffin. This is to increase their transparency. Another difference between the Lincoln Memorial and the Parthenon is their dimensions. The Lincoln Memorial is 98 feet and 5 inches tall. The inside of the dome is 60 feet tall. The Parthenon is 45 feet tall. The square footage of the Lincoln Memorial is 7,126,669 square feet. The square footage of the Parthenon is 217,808 square
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