Book Report Fahrenheit 451

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The setting of the novel, Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, is set in a large nameless U.S. city. It was suspected to be Los Angeles. The book was set in 2053 which is 100 years into the future from when it was published. Ray Bradbury is trying to set the mood as sad. Within this novel there is tragedy and despair. The three important characters in this story are Guy Montag, Clarrise McClellan, and Faber. Guy Montag is a 30 year-old firefighter who burns books as part of his job.. He is the protagonist. Montag has a fiery face with black hair, black brows, and a shaved but unshaved look. Throughout this entire story Montag is fighting society to get books back. The next important character is Clarrise McClellan. Clarrise is a very outgoing teenager and her face, sleder and milk white with dark eyes. In this story the author makes her out to be a beautiful, warm, innocent, and curious girl. “‘Are you happy?”’(7). She said this to Montag and it made him think and wonder. It was the starting point to his huge journey ahead. The final important character is Faber, the reader is never told his last name. As a retired English professor he regrets that he didn’t do more to stop the …show more content…

Montag wants to read but the firemen burn all of the books. “‘Burn them to ashes, then burn the ashes.”’(6). That’s part of the firemen's slogan. Montag said this before he had met Clarrise, and it shows that Montag was brainwashed and that he still believed burning books was the correct thing to do. Clarrise was killed because she knew too much. Clarrise loved to question things and society thought she was odd. The government viewed her as a problem so they hit her with a car to get rid of her. Also, Mildred is in love with media and doesn’t understand how to think for herself . “‘ yes, the white clown is on tonight!”’(70). Mildred interrupts Montag’s important conversation. she answers the phone just to talk about what is on the

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