Book Reports On Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a science fiction book. Fahrenheit 451 is about a man named Guy Montag who lives in a world where books were illegal and people did not have much freedom. He meets a young girl named Clarisse who has changed his life and it puts him in danger, Guys Montag needs to escape before the police arrests him for reading a book. The theme and the setting of the books is about how society where books are dangerous and illegal and the things that can bring happiness and unhappiness.

In Fahrenheit 451 the most people had many favorite things in the society.In the book Guy Montag meets a unusual girl named Clarisse who wonders if he is happy which makes Montag think about what makes him happy which causes him to think about the society he is living in. “Are you happy?” she said. “Am I what? he cried. But she was gone running in the moonlight.” (Bradbury7). Mildred who is Montag’s wife who spends her day watching television which is what makes her happy. Mildred begs Montag to get a fourth television …show more content…

Guy Montag who is a fireman and is reading the books and is in a dangerous situation because books are illegal. “I was doing a terrible thing in using the terrible books you clung to, to rebut you on every hand, on every point.” (Bradbury 104). The value of the books are not worth much, but to Montag they are worth a lot just like the last copy of the bible. “ Montag showed her a book which may have been the last copy of the bible in the whole world” (Bradbury 72). In Fahrenheit 451 the author shows that books compare with other activities in which humans can invest instead of a mechanical hound or a wall television. On page eighteen Mildred is talking about how her television is so important and why she should have a new one even though she has three. In Fahrenheit 451 the setting also affects the has an effect of the happiness and unhappiness of the

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