Who Is Guy Montag In Fahrenheit 451

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Guy Montag is a fireman who burns books. In his world, firemen start fires rather than put them out. These people don’t read books or spend time alone or think. They drive fast, watch a lot of T.V., and listen to the radio. Montag meets Clarisse who opens his eyes with all her questions and her love of people and nature, unusual for the people at this time. Then Montag experiences disturbing events. His wife attempts suicide by overdosing. An old woman has a stash of hidden literature and wants to be burned alive along with them. Then, he hears that Clarisse was killed by in a car crash. His satisfaction with life decreases, and he begins to search for a solution in his book stash. Then, Beatty visits his house and explains that it’s normal for firemen to wonder about books, …show more content…

Books start to look the same because writers were trying to not offend anybody. This was not enough so society decided to burn the books rather than have conflicting opinions. He tells Montag to take a little time to see if his books have any good info. then turn them in. Montag looks to his wife for help, but she prefers T.V. He remembers Faber, an English major, and he decides that he might be able to help him understand what he might be reading. He visits Faber, who says the value of books are in the awareness of life they contain. Faber says that Montag needs time to read the books. Faber agrees to help Montag, and want to overthrow the status quo. Faber will begin reproducing books, and Montag will plant books in the homes of firemen. Faber gives him the “green bullet” so that he can hear what Montag hears and talk to him incognito. Montag reads a poem that offends his wife and she leaves to file a complaint. Montag hands over one of his books to Beatty. Beatty tries to show that literature is dangerous and complex and that it should be burned. Then Mildred betrays Montag and calls the firehouse about his

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