Book Report For Blink By Malcolm Gladwell

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Nonfiction Book Reporting Form AP English Language & Composition

Name: Brice Halder ______________ Date: 2/17/16_________________ Period: 2 ____
Book Title: Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking __________________ Genre: Non-fiction, Psychology____________________ Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Number of Pages: 311

Brief Summary and “Arrangement” of the Book:


Gladwell introduces the book with an intriguing thought experiment. He describes a statue that the J. Paul Getty Museum bought after over a year of background research into the statue's authenticity. The Getty eventually purchased it and put it on display, but then many experts who came to see the famous statue instantly recognized that either something was "off" about the statue, or that it was an outright …show more content…

He goes on to explain that the reader can be in charge of their quick judgments if they continue to read the book, followed by urging the reader to stop reading if they are not interested.
 Audience - The audience of this book is intended to be college or post-college age, as the author refers to college experiences sporadically throughout the book. He assumes the reader has experienced common college activities, such as experience in lectures and with professors. While most of these experiences can be reciprocated in high school, the author still refers to the reader as a post-college age adult.
 Purpose - The author explicitly states in the introduction of the book that the purpose of Blink is to convince the reader that a quick decision can be just as powerful as a deliberate one. The question of when to trust our subconscious and when not to is also answered in the book. The most important purpose this book fulfills is to educate the reader to control their snap

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