Book Report On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Elie Wiesel was a writer known for his memoir Night, in which he recounted his experiences for surviving the Holocaust. He was born on September 30, 1928 in Romania. During his early life, Elie Wiesel pursued Jewish religious studies before his family was sent to the Nazi death camps during WWII. Wiesel and his father were forced to work under inhumane conditions in Buna Werke labor camp. Then, they were forced to march to Buchenwald where his father died after being beaten. Wiesel’s mother and younger sister were also dead in the Holocaust. Elie was finally freed from Buchenwald in 1945. After he was freed, Wiesel went to study at the Sorbonne in France, where he wrote about his experiences in the camps. Later on, his experiences were being

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