Book Reports On Night By Elie Wiesel

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Do you think that you have what it takes to survive alongside Elie? In Night, by Elie Wiesel, his story is told when he is taken to a concentration camp along with his family and stripped of his belongings and identity. Throughout the book, Elie Wiesel shares information about the people he meets, the attacks he had, and the death around him and along with the countless other things that made him a survivor of the Holocaust.
Some of the most influential people showed up relatively early in Elie’s life. At the beginning of the book, Elie meets Moise the Beadle who Elie reached out to because he wanted to learn the Kabbalah after his father wanted to drive the idea from his mind. Just about the time that Moise the Beadle returns after being …show more content…

One day, Idek, the Kapo was venting his anger and proceeded to lash out at Elie after he had mistakenly crossed Idek’s path. Elie tried not to cry but it happened to make it seem like he was stronger than Idek which made him beat Elie more. Elie happens to find himself in the wrong spot at the wrong time when he finds Idek and a polish girl in a back room. Eile gets whipped 25 times for not being on task and not working where he is supposed to. Before all of this happened, everyone had been told to remove all gold and jewelry from their possessions. Eile had a gold crown that a doctor wanted to remove. Eile had told the doctor that he was sick so that he wouldn’t have to give it away but, he had to return the next week to remove it. Elie kept pushing off getting the crown removed and before he could ever get it removed, the doctor was arrested and the office was closed. Franek, the foreman had noticed the crown and wanted it for a ration of bread. Eile denied the offer but Franek knew how to get the gold crown. Franek began to torment Elie’s father after he couldn’t keep up with the march. Elie finally gave in to Franek to stop tormenting his father in return for getting the

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