Book Summary: Life In The Woods

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This story begins in a place that was once known as North America that lies a nation of Panem. The shining Capitol is surrounded by twelve outlying districts. All of districts are fenced in from the woods, because of the wild animals. The woods are a very dangerous place be for everyone to go in. The only person doesn’t care about being in the woods is Katniss, do to the fact she is a hunter. Katniss lives in the district twelve with her mom and her little sister, Prim. Katniss is sixteen years old, with a friend that is eighteen by the name of Gale. Katniss and Gale both love being in the woods together with the wild animals. Gale and Katniss are the two people that don’t care about the predators that live in the woods. Katniss has a hunting type bow and arrows that once belonged to her father, but Gale doesn’t own a bow and arrows. Katniss has taken her sister’s Prim place in the games for district twelve. Katniss had know idea what she got herself into by stepping in. Katniss now what she had done means that she will not be able see Gale, her mother, and Prim her sister. Katniss will have to train for a week before the games start. After training Katniss will be in the games …show more content…

En route, they are fed rich food and treats but are disgusted by the amount of luxuries given to them and the occupants of the train while their families starve at home. They are introduced to their 'mentor' and a former winner of the Hunger Games, Haymitch Abernathy who appears to be a pessimistic alcoholic. Haymitch grabs a drink and food before leaving their train car. Katniss and Peeta later reunite with Haymitch in another car and he tells them that the key to survival is ensuring they are well liked by the public so that they may get sponsored. By having sponsors they will have more access to survival tools such as matches, knives, or even water and

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