The Hunger Games Chapter Summaries

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The Hunger Games: Chapter Notes Chapter One: It was the morning of the reaping, Katniss was reflecting on the events of her life. This introduces the characters main family, prim, and her mother. In order to clear her mind, Katniss went hunting in the woods near the edge of District 12. While there, Katniss 's friend Gale showed up to I an escape plan before the reaping can began. Katniss declines the offer and heads to the square for the reaping. Chapter two: The reaping begins with Prim being chosen at random. This causes Katniss to volunteer as tribute to save her sister. Next was the male drawing, which turns out to be pieta Mel lark. Peete and Katniss had one interaction before when he feed her bread when she was starving outside. Chapter three: Before the tributes are taken away, they’re given a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones. Madge, a family friend, give Katniss a gold Mocking Jay pin to wear in the arena. Chapter four- five: A character named Hay Mitch is introduced as Katniss and peseta’s advisor. After a conversation about the technique of making friend, they all arrived to the Capitol by train. Well in the capital the tributes prepared for an interview. The contestants are given 3 days to practice before showcase in their talents in front of a panel she realizes how tough the competition is and she walks …show more content…

At the interview in the team it 's back to the room. HayMitch, Effie, and peeta told Katniss the reason for him doing that. It was a plan, to show that Katniss was desirable to the sponsors and audience. A couple days later, the tributes head to the arena to officially start the games. The tributes are given 10 secs to map out there to get supplies from the cornucopia and survive. The cannon alerted, Katniss bolted to a backpack with arrows in it. She successfully survived the cornucopia attack and hid in a tree. In this process, she relives she got separated from

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