Brave New World Chapter 1 Analysis

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Brave New World (Close Reading)
Based on Chapter 2
P: The babies were used for the director’s scientific experiment. They were all put onto the floor with books, and then he electrocuted them. The happy babies who were playing and giggling with the books at first, turned into crying babies with “fear” of books. He decides to use innocent life to test his science experiment. He wanted his experiment to work and he didn’t care about anything else.
A: The mood of this passage is very dark and gloomy. It shows how science can really ruin a person’s mind. It’s just a very intense and scary room to be in, as little babies are being electrocuted one by one for a science experiment. The room is also very loud as babies are screaming out cries. The …show more content…

• His fifth novel Brave New World was written in 1931 and published in 1932, one of his most popular books publically
• He was the son of an English school teacher and writer
• Two of his brothers Julian and Andrew were to be eminent biologists, and his on grandfather was a controversial naturalist (nicknamed “ Darwin’s bulldog”)
Aldous Huxley was popularly known to be a novelist and an essayist, as well he would write short stories, poetry, travelogues, and film scripts
• Aldous Huxley was always a critical observer of accepted traditions, customs, social norms, and ideals in his novels and essays
• In his writings he was concerned with harmful applications in the scientific progress to mankind
• Aldous Huxley was to lose his mother, in 1911 he was to be diagnosed with a disease to leave him potentially blind, and in 1914 his older brother wanted to kill himself
• Aldous Huxley could not continue with scientific research because of his sight
• He turned to literature after his sight had gone

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