How Did Aldous Huxley's Impact On Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley was born on July 26, 1894, in Laleham England. Huxley grew up in London. His family was known for science and to be very well educated. He had a grandfather and brother who were known biologists. His father was an editor and his mother ran a boarding school. His mom died of cancer when he was fourteen. It was also around the same time he almost lost his vision to an illness. Almost losing his vision had a major impact on his career choices. Huxley focused on writing rather than concentrating on science because of his vision. Huxley played-out the last few years of his life analyzing mysticism, parapsychology and consuming mescaline and LSD. Aldous Huxley was diagnosed with the same type of cancer that his mother died from. He died on November 22, 1963, in Los Angeles, California. Brave New World revealed several truths about society such as the question of freedom and happiness, and the advancement of science as it affects individuals. Several occurrences and experiences happen to characters, and it reflects upon people in …show more content…

Charles LP. Silet affirms this by stating, “On the return to his own world, the savage in tow, Bernard continues to think antisocial thoughts, ideas which drive Lenina to break with him and to take increasing doses of intellectually and emotionally deadening drugs” (Silet 495). She fails to see past the physical aspects of men and is confused on how to understand a relationship with emotions. Huxley points out, “Unable to escape her conditioning, she fears his attraction to her” (Huxley 55). Lenina is scared of Johns perspective of her and his view is above measures she cannot comprehend. Lenina views men from a biased sexual standpoint and her brain will not allow her to understand from the way she was conditioned or raised as a child. Her view of love and sex drives John away from her and is horrified that she is just after a sexual relationship and nothing

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